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2009 group exhibition at the gallery "The Wash-House Cafe" (the neighborhood meeting KUBUS gGmbH), Berlin

2009 Exhibition of best works of painting and drawing competition in the long night of images, with the participation of the pictures of Natalia Pavlova, Berlin

2008 Personal exhibition "Paintings and Drawings by Natalia Pavlova" of funds ASEK (ASSOCIATED SPECIALISTS EUROPEISCHER COLLEAGUES) Cultural Fund and the Germans from Russia (Literary Association "Berlin azure") on "German Russian Festival", Berlin

2008 Exhibition participation in the exhibition "Deja vu - the false memory" (works on paper), Berlin

2006 Exhibition participation in the European arts project "ArteDia" (A project of the Arts and Cultural Association eV Board Mill: Reiner Denjee '); Berlin

2006 personal exhibition "TIME" in the cultural factory "style break" (gallery & cafe); Erkner

2005 Exhibition "Wine and Art" at the gallery "cheap wine" of; Berlin

Exhibitions at the Buchpräsentierungen in the years 2006-2008:

- Anton Saefkow Library, Berlin

- House of Culture Karl Horst, Berlin

- Mark Twain Library in the leisure forum Marzahn, Berlin

- Club "Interest Meeting", Civic Centre, Orange, Central City, Orange

The illustrated books

Books for children:
· "Master ..." Russian Fairy Tales (Text: S. Ellisson), 2009
· "Why wear the roses thorns," the story in Russian and German (Text: S. Ellisson; translation in German: R. Schnura), 2009 (German)
· "Good Friends", a collection of puzzles and the Russian poems (Text: S. Ellisson), 2006 (first edition), 2009 (2nd edition, revised)
· "Well, the bliss !..», the Russian collection, which includes the works that are fulfilled in the verse: the short story, the ballad, the tale, the fable, the poems (Text: S. Ellisson) 2007
· "The magical land of childhood", collection of Russian children's songs by the composer Irina Bilkina (music and lyrics of the songs in sequence: I. Bilkina; texts of songs: Ostoschenskaja E., A. Lewina), 2006
Books for adults:
· "In humility and patience," Part II "waves of life," the novel in two parts in German (Text: Olga Parchnizki), 2010
· «Berlin azure III," the Almanac of the literary society of the Russian Germans "Berlin azure", 2007
· "Collection of short stories in German and Russian by Lev Below," a collection of short stories in German and Russian (text: L. Below, in German translation: M. Creutzburg, I. Hoell, E. Gerdt, R. Schnura) 2007
· "I'm starting a new book of poems that are inspired by Berlin," the collection of Russian poetry (text: W. Rajm), 2006


"The literary illustration yesterday and today, or: the clothes make people, the envelope - the book," The Almanac of the literary society of the Russian Germans "Berlin Аzurblau" in "Culture Fund of the Russian Germans e. V.", "Berlin's azure II '(Text N. Pavlova), 2006, pp. 262-274.

Pictures of Natalia Pavlova originated in the style of classical Russian painting. You are romantic and poetic, sometimes erotic wear and stresses in their aesthetics a nostalgic touch.
Natalia Pavlova is Universalistin. She manages various kinds of image: portrait, landscape, still life, nude, pictures of animals ...
In the work with oil paints she uses layers of painting. It comprises three main stages: recording - Under painting - painting over. At each stage the work will be continued until after the dry land of the respective layer. The next layer is lit by the last. Color and shading are mainly using optical deposition. Plays transparent paint over a primary role. Simultaneously, the color characteristics and the intensity and specificity of the lower classes have to be adjusted. The transparent paint over, the correlation of color layers, the multiple ways in the brush movement, the colors and light shade additions lead to a free interpretation.
Natalia Pavlova painted with fine brush strokes of the so-called "tiny" fashion.
The final varnish finishes the image layers. It gives the painting depth, shine, protects it from dirt, against mechanical and atmospheric influences.
The painting used many layers of the past masters of XV until the second half of the nineteenth century (when to change the layers painting method is the method "a la prima" - the painting "wet on" - get). The classic method of layers painting is known, but there are only insignificant part of the painter, the work of the layers painting, since the technology sufficiently labor-intensive, complicated and slow (for example, the work takes on a factory with modern materials of the layers painting next to the month while the work takes the art "a la prima" not more than three days, until the colors are still wet).
The layers of painting and the painting "a la prima" are distinguished. The image does not brush strokes for the calculation of the optical deposition, as seen in the art "a la prima", but the bill for the discontinuation of the optical layers. When the layers separate brush strokes painting method you will not find the absolutely smooth surface, like the enamel. It is the structure of the linen clearly visible.
As a painter and an illustrator of "Berlin Literature federal e. V" and "Culture Fund of the Russian Germans e. V" has Natalia Pavlova 6 fully illustrated books by four authors painted: 3 books for the children of Sandra Kehl: "Good Friends" "Why wear the roses among thorns", "Well, Count Your Blessings," and the collection of poems by Valentina Reimer, "I start the new issue of his own poems from Berlin ...»," The volume of stories in the German and Russian languages Lev Belov, "and the collection of songs by the composer in Moscow Irina Bilkina" The magical land of childhood ". And N. Pavlova is the large amount of separate illustrations drawn and painted a lot of turnovers of the books.
The illustrations are clear with the gradation of tones, without contour lines (at highest quality).
Illustrations for the book she uses watercolor, gouache, acrylic paints, is characteristic of the beautiful velvety matte surface. These colors require certain skills from the artists, because they dissolve the paint over the light and slightly thicker coating crumble.
The information about the current illustrative paintings can Russian-speaking people in my new article in the literary almanac of the Society "Cultural Fund of the Russian Germans e. V.", "Berlin azure - II" will find.
Natalia Pavlova mastered traditional painting style, feels the color, sound, maps the composition possesses perspective, has professional knowledge of the anatomy of humans and animals. She knows and uses modern materials of painting. These abilities and skills resulting from the accumulation of the necessary knowledge and from their persistent daily work.

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